Remake review

This starts out as an everyday Evangelical Christian drama about snuff porn and goes from there…


Flubs- Turkey Shoot remake

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Turkey Shoot (remake) review.

Turkey Shoot remake (Elimination Game) review

150th episode special! Hagan takes on the recent remake of the 2nd film she reviewed (1st review she scripted!)

Ghostbusters (2016) in 5 Seconds

Okay, not 5 seconds but this was too obvious to not do.

Ghostbusters is owned by Columbia.

Backseat Critique- Turkey Shoot (remake)

Hagan forced Omega to watch a film that will one day darken the doors of my review show! The hated remake of the eternally beloved SHOOTER OF TURKEYS! *Also called Elimination Game.

Vlog- Hagan talks about the Left Behind Remake

Even though its not TECHNICALLY a remake.

Backseat Critique- 13 Ghosts (Remake)

Robyns last regular videos. We were asked to do a Backseat Critique of 13 Ghosts and so ended up doing both the original and the remake.

Also joining us is another new guy! Who might and or might not be seen again!