Renegade Cunt- The MCU: Avengers Infinity War and Phase 4.

RC episode 14. A prediction for Avengers: Infinity War and what Id like to see in phase 4 of the MCU.

MovieBobs ideas for the Fantastic 4 in the MCU:

Renegade Cunt- Star Trek: 3 Theories

RC episode 13. A trio of Star Trek theories.

Renegade Cunt- Highlander: Accidentally Accurate

RC episode 11. What Highlander got right..

Renegade Cunt- The Evil Dead: The Book(s) of the Dead.

RC episode 10. The grand unifying theory of the Evil Dead universe, all it needs is more than 1 Book of the Dead.

Renegade Cunt- X-Men: Poor Wolverine

Renegade Cunt episode 9. X-Men Days of Future Past has a really fucked up ending.

Renegade Cunt- Gods Not Dead: Who Killed Sorbo

Renegade Cunt episode 8. I have a theory about the ending of Gods not Dead.

Renegade Cunt- Star Wars: The Repetitive Epic

Hidden in the darkest corners of my headcanon, Star Wars exists within Star Trek.