Flubs- Chirpy Returns

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Chirpy Returns review.

Hagan Reviews Season 06 Episode 04 Death Games

From the early 2000s comes Irelands answer to MAD MAX!

Hagan reviews Season 06 episode 02 Slow Torture Puke Chamber

The final part of the Vomit Gore trilogy and my final HAGAN! REVIEWS! on Blip. Until I work out/announce where my stuff is going to be keep your eyes on this site and https://www.youtube.com/user/DiamandaHagan

Special Review- Left behind 3: World at War

Hagans years long battle with the Left behind series comes to an end… OR HAS IT?! (No. Fucking remake.. )

Backseat Critique- Jupiter Ascending

Hagan, Omega, The Avatar of Decent Humour and Neil (the offscreen minion) saw the Wachowskis latest film. It is a VERY silly film.

10 Films you might not have heard of (Akumakon 2015)

1 Hagan. 1 audience. 1 Hour. 10 movies (each varying degrees of obscure)

The movies: Actium Maximus, C Me Dance, Manborg, Monster Man, Repligator, Six String Samurai, Versus, Vikingdom, Wild Zero, ZsaZsa Zaturrnah.

*I first did one of these at BroCon in summer 2014. I think I’ll do one at most cons I can (switching the films up each time to keep it interesting)

Special Review- Reanimator

The first of three HP Lovecraft, Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton movie reviews!

Backseat Critique- 13 Ghosts (60s)

Robyns last regular videos. We were asked to do a Backseat Critique of 13 Ghosts and so ended up doing both the original and the remake.

Also joining us is a new guy! Who might and or might not be seen again!

05 10 Rock and Rule review

The invasion is about to begin and Hagan has a movie to review.. (review starts about 10 minutes in)

If the Rock and Rule review has been blocked in your country TRY HERE!

Commentary- Biggles Review

Me and Robyn did a commentary for the Biggles review