Commentary- Starrbooty review

Robyn and Hagan watched the Starrbooty review and talked all over it. Whether this improves or ruins the review is up for you to decide.


Commentary- Confessions of a Trickbaby review

While Robyn was over some commentaries were recorded. Remember Confessions of a Trickbaby? When green-haired Hagan watched a charming tale of a serial killer lesbian and her bulimic friend?

Backseat Critique- The Forest

Robyn and Sarah arrived back, just in time to join Omega and Hagan in seeing THE FOREST (aka, adventures in the Japanese suicide forest).

Backseat Critique- Vikingdom

Ever wanted to see an English- language Viking movie from Malaysia? How about one thats pretty much a Power Metal music video? VI-FUCKING-KINGDOM!

(An actual) Police Academy Marathon: Part 1

Hagan, Omega and Robyn the Minion sat down to watch… ALL OF THE POLICE ACADEMY MOVIES. Pity them. Part 1: Police Academy.