Colonel Kill Motherfuckers Review

Some RPG nerds face an undead serial killer driven by Voodoo!

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Six-String Samurai review

In an alternate reality Buddy Holly faces down death to become the king of Rock n Roll.

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Night Satan and the Loops of Doom review

Hagan’s busy with affairs of state so it falls to Teddy to review this…film. This film that Teddy doesn’t understand.

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Godzilla vs Megalon review

Godzilla vs Megalon vs Hagan vs Gigan vs a fucking robot vs No-one.

Crossover- Berserker: Hells Warrior review (with Filmbrain)

Hagan Reviews Episode 133.

Heeeeeeere we are! Reviewers of Berserker: Hells Warrior!

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Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack review

Cyborg-Zombie-Fish-Fart-Ghost-Virus shenanigans.

Punishment Park review

Inauguration special. From the early 70s comes probably the best humans hunting humans film ever made.