Backseat Critique: Star Wars The Last Jedi

An obscure film about space or somesuch.


Rebels escape from Darth Ryan with the ACA

A (probably) fake news story said Paul Ryan was listening to ‘Last Resort’ by Papa Roach after he failed at killing the ACA and I had an idea.

Backseat Critique- Rogue One

Yup, we saw it too.

Renegade Cunt- Star Wars: The Repetitive Epic

Hidden in the darkest corners of my headcanon, Star Wars exists within Star Trek.

Backseat Critique: Star Wars episode 7 The Force Awakens

The squee-filled Omega and the JJ Abrams non-fan Hagan went to see the Force Awakens. How much will Hagan find to complain about? How often will Omega squee? Find out now!