Preaching to the Perverted Blu-Ray

If you were ever thinking of buy the movie then now is the time.

Thanks to the kickstarter they were able to remaster the film and re-realise it on Blu-Ray with new extra features, enhanced audio and they very kindly have included a copy of my Preaching to the Perverted review on it (slightly re-edited by me). The Blu-Ray is region free and the transfer is gorgeous (and my reviews have never looked or sounded better- they did some amazing filtering shit that made it less crappy)

So what are you waiting for? I dont even have a Blu-Ray and I own a copy!

ONLY the Blu-Ray has all the stuff I mention. So make sure you order the right one!

The Blu-Ray

Sorry I havent been able to get a better quality shot of the cover. Trust me, thats my review the arrow is pointing to!

Podcast- Lesbian Talk interviews Stuart Urban

Hagan and Omega interview award-wining film director Stuart Urban! (He made Preaching to the Perverted so go listen!)

The Kickstarter!