Hagan (and Jurnis) play Star Trek Online!

I’ve been playing Star Trek Online with Jurnis (AKA the Avatar of Decent Humour) after filming and she and Teddy edited this little highlights reel together.

See Jurnis’s streams at: Twitch.tv/jurnisplays


Some Minions try American Candy

Some minions (Teddy and The Avatar of Decent Humour) tried some American candy. Candy provided by The Omega Geek. I hung out offscreen, making comments.

Teddy Plays with Himself (A Fan Art Video)

Teddy is ordered to show off some of the fan-art stuff we’ve been sent.

Action Figures, Hagan Throne, Lego stuff by CreatureSH

The Hagan and Teddy Peeps by Dragonwings131

Hagans appearences in Voodoo Walrus can be seen here.

I don’t know who made the scarf, so I apologise. If you read this, thank you so much.

Hagan Commentaries- Left Behind review

Hagan and Teddy watched the Left Behind review! And talked over it. For your amusement!

JethroQ interviews Teddy!



JethroQ who runs the official Hagan tumblr has interviewed Teddy the Minion!