Backseat Critique- An Elfs Story (The Elf on the Shelf)

At Alcon we were gifted a horrifying piece of Xmas animation by a fan, I’m gonna add it to the review list!


Backseat Critique- Up (1976)

A Patron requested I check out one of Russ Meyers later films, an enchanting film about nudity and SnM Hitler.

Want to make a request? Check here:

Backseat Critique- It (2017)

Because we’re in original/ actual Derry We went to ITs Irish premier!

Hagan got some Action Figures

While at Alcon I went to visit Leicester Vintage and Old Toy Shop, a phenomenal 2nd hand toy shop and found myself several Toxic Crusaders and Rock Lords richer. I was also gifted a few by someone far more famous than me, who? WATCH THE VIDEO.

Hagan listens to a Pride march

There i was, sitting on the sofa, waiting for something to finish rendering when suddenly… THE SOUND OF QUEERNESS.

Backseat Critique- Hellboy

A Patron requested we take a look at the Guillermo del Toro superhero classic.

Hagan Reacts to the 13th Doctor

I was filming my upcoming HELLBINDERS review with Teddy when Omega sent me a text about the casting of the 13th Doctor. So, enjoy my real-time reaction!