Special Review- Chirpy

1 Horse. 1 Bird. Oh my…



  1. I thought I was as prepared as one could be, but even familiarity with it does nothing to brace oneself against the fact that it is an animated movie about… well, you said it yourself. But all the more elating were the laughs, of which there were several.

    By the way, the makeup job on this makes me think “Bosco” a little, but I would guess that it’s coincidence this time…

    Vulture on fire. Hm. Would you describe it as a vast, predatory bird?

  2. Mein Misstress, you have to be proud for the fact that you’re the only reviewer besides Brad Jones to make me laugh at tgis kind of disturbing.

    Poor, poor Omega (kuddos for the Giovanni cameo)

  3. If there’s anything to be concluded about this movie after watching the review, it’s that it..exists.

    • Very existent indeed, I think we can all agree.

  4. Was hoping at the end you’d use Sodom’s cover of Surfin Bird but I approve.

  5. I’m a furry. How comes i haven’t heard of this yet.

  6. I dont get that exocet joke.

    • ‘Its like a human woman fucking an exocet missile’ (joke about Paris Hilton fucking a missile)

  7. I nearly died from a mixture of laughter and shock. I mean; sure I’ve seen more disturbing and graphic things but it was a bit of a mind-screw. But kudos mistress- it was a highly funny review.

  8. I’d be terrified to meet what ever sick fuck gets turned on by this. All one of him.

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