Remake review

This starts out as an everyday Evangelical Christian drama about snuff porn and goes from there…

Turkey Shoot remake (Elimination Game) review

150th episode special! Hagan takes on the recent remake of the 2nd film she reviewed (1st review she scripted!)

Special Review- Chirpy Returns

Is Chirpy still the bird of your dreams?

Max Magican and the Legend of the Rings review

This films crapness is LEGENDARY.

Raising Heroes review (with Gorehounds)

Another Alcon crossover, big guns and (probably) big dicks clash in this mid-90s gay action thriller!

Torture Ship (Possession review)

The last of the new trio of possessions end with TORTURE SHIP- a tale of gangsters, torture and ‘zombies’ on a ship. Gorehagans is played by GoreHounds:

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Life Returns review (Possession review)

The new possessions continue with Hagan taking over Some Jerk with a Camera ( and reviewing LIFE RETURNS- family drama, obsession and dog resurrection!