Special Review- Nixon and Hogan smoke Christmas

Hagans 50th episode special! From Hack movies, its NIXON AND HOGAN SMOKE CHRISTMAS!

Hagan Cameos- Spoonys Game Over review

I filmed this cameo while at Omegas. Eventually there will be a video showing ALL the shots I sent him. And there shall be much rejoicing.

Diamanda Hagan Plot Guide

Someone on the Atop the Fourth Wall plot guide tumblr asked if there was one for Hagan reviews.

I’d never considered getting one, because I didn’t think it was complicated but since they asked it was made.

Thank you so much JethroQ!


Fan Art- Norrin the Minion

Norrin the Minion is lost. I gotta get these guys collars…

Hagan Cosplay- Athena LaStrange

Athena as Hagan

Athena LaStrange out as Hagan on Halloween 2011

Flubs- Necromanaic (Schizophraniac 2) Review

A collection of flubs , bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Necromaniac Review.

Diamanda Hagan Reviews 04 03 Necromaniac

Hagan returns to the world of Harry Russo with Necromaniac!