Renegade Cunt- Star Wars: The Repetitive Epic

Hidden in the darkest corners of my headcanon, Star Wars exists within Star Trek.

Backseat Critique- Hardcore Henry

Hagan and Omega decided to see what happens when you transplant video game tropes into a film. It also meanders into a discussion about tech, the evolution of cinematic language and generational differences.

Backseat Critique- The 5000 Fingers of Doctor T

A Patron requested we watch the only film that Doctor Seuss worked on!

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Mentions: Doctor Holocaust doesn’t know who I am :)

Was sent this, found it funny 🙂

Special Review- Black Sheep

A Patron requested the best were-sheep movie to come out of 2006 New Zealand. Hagan obliged!

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Backseat Critique- Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Omega and Hagan were joined by a newbie to see the DCCUs latest attempt to be a more depressing version of Marvel. The newbie is fellow Channel Awesome-r John Ruddy (from Manny Man does history).