FanArt- SharinganPhoenix’s Old McHagan had a farm

Old McHagan had a farm

“Diamanda Hagan did a crossover review with The Film Renegado of the “timeless classic” Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. During the review something was mentioned about being able to “harvest” lesbians for the evil vampires (it makes sense in context… kinda). Hagan got rather excited about the idea of that, so… I ran with it.

Yes. Diamanda Hagan is growing her own lesbians in a garden. This is proof that Haganistan’s agriculture is… different.

Now, Cin Wicked wasn’t actually In this review, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show someone else trying something similar with less-than-stellar results. So there ya go.”

Check out their stuff here!

Hagan Cameos- MrX’s Sucker Punch Review

Just a tiny appearance. I’m not sure if I filmed the bit specially or if the footage has been borrowed. Either way is fine, and the review is good. id never seen anything by MrX before this and I was VERY impressed. Check him out.

Special Review- The Taint (Censored)

This censored version of Hagan and Omegas ‘Taint’ Review was edited for eventual upload to TGWTG. If you’ve not seen the review check it out. But afterwards check out the uncensored version here

Hagan Cameos- Dukects TNA Bound for Glory Review

Hagn Cameo’d in Dukect’s TNA: Bound for Glory review!

Diamanda Hagan Special Review- Virus

Hagan and Joshua the Anarchist watch VIRUS! A 1990’s Guys with Guns versus Monsters Movie!

Hagan Cameos- Some Jerks Its a Small World Review

Hagan appears briefly in Part 1 of Some Jerk with a Camera’s review of Its a Small World.

Some Jerk is the best theme park reviewer around.

Hagan Cameos: Djournos Lesbian Vampire Killers review