Alcon 2016 (Panels)

The Channel Awesome Panel.

Omega, Filmbrain and I answer questions for almost 2 hours.

The Cards against Humanity Panel.

CARDS! AGAINST! HUMANITY! (With Filmbrain,Omega,Masako X, Voice actor Jessica Calvello and a tonne of audience volunteers!)

ConBravo 2016: Cards Against Celebrities.

Conventon Hopper recorded the Cards Against Humanity game that I and Omega set up at ConBravo! Also featuring Brentalfloss, Dex the Swede and Leon Thomas!

Panel: Alcon 2015

Me, Filmbrain, Omega and SofieLiv (from The Agony Booth) answer all sorts of questions about reviews and reviewing.

Mondo Baltimore Pity Party 2013

In 2013 Omega and Hagan went to Mondo Baltimores Pity Party (a film festival) and came back with a handful of vids featuring QnAs, Interviews and whatnot. The Dramatisation was by Count Jackula and The Horror Guru.

The vids include interviews with film-maker Drew Baldoc, Drag Queen Babette Bombshell and horror hosts Dr. Acula and Ghoulinda. Question and Answers with Drew Baldoc and some people involved in the making of Return to Nuke iem High.

Panel- Audience interactive Cards against Humanity (Brocon 2015)

At Brocon 2015 Hagan, Avatar of Decent Humour and The Unemployed Historian chose 3 audience members to battle them in MORTAL CAH-BAT!

Panels- 10 Films you probably haven’t heard of (Brocon 2015)

Hagan talked about obscure films at Brocon 2015. The films discussed are: C Me Dance, Clash of Empires, Mercury Man, Mystics in Bali, Repligator, Six String Samurai, Versus, Wild Zero Zsazsa Zaturrnah and Cockhammer!*


10 Films you might not have heard of (Akumakon 2015)

1 Hagan. 1 audience. 1 Hour. 10 movies (each varying degrees of obscure)

The movies: Actium Maximus, C Me Dance, Manborg, Monster Man, Repligator, Six String Samurai, Versus, Vikingdom, Wild Zero, ZsaZsa Zaturrnah.

*I first did one of these at BroCon in summer 2014. I think I’ll do one at most cons I can (switching the films up each time to keep it interesting)

MAGFest 2014 Movie Reviewing Panel

FilmBrain, Oancitizen, Leon Thomas, That Sci-Fi Guy, Hagan, Brad Jones and Nash are joined by Chez Apocalypses Rantasmo and The Escapists MovieBob to talk about movie reviewing.

(Highlights from) Hagans BroCon Panel

Here are some highlights from my QnA panel at BroCon.

Hagan Cameos- The TGWTG Panel at Magfest







The TGWTG panel at Magfest in January 2012. i appear around 30 mins in and say some stuff at various times.