Backseat Critique- An Elfs Story (The Elf on the Shelf)

At Alcon we were gifted a horrifying piece of Xmas animation by a fan, I’m gonna add it to the review list!


Alcon Lets Try

Me, Omega, Filmbrain, Ashens, SofieLiv (from The Agony Booth) and a civilian without a show partook of some Danish/ British/ Irish foodstuffs!

Hagan talks about Alcon reviews (and the 13th Doctor)

I had some time to kill after filming my live ep and so we talked about the reviews I’m doing at Alcon (Cheap, Breeders, Raising heroes, and Mystics in Bali) and the 13th Doctor.

Backseat Critique- It (2017)

Because we’re in original/ actual Derry We went to ITs Irish premier!

Hagan got some Action Figures

While at Alcon I went to visit Leicester Vintage and Old Toy Shop, a phenomenal 2nd hand toy shop and found myself several Toxic Crusaders and Rock Lords richer. I was also gifted a few by someone far more famous than me, who? WATCH THE VIDEO.

Hagan listens to a Pride march

There i was, sitting on the sofa, waiting for something to finish rendering when suddenly… THE SOUND OF QUEERNESS.

Backseat Critique- Hellboy

A Patron requested we take a look at the Guillermo del Toro superhero classic.