Nameless Kitties

The house is alive with the sound of kittens.

Since this video was made the kittens have been named Merriadoc (Merry) and Pippa.

You Probably Shouldn’t Cook This- Spicy Dessert Burger

Me and Omega have made something else that we probably shouldn’t.

Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode27 (Revelations and Treepocalypse)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! Its exclusive to Project Million Entertainment! We talk about… Lesbian stuff like Revelations and.. Treepocalypse!

Vlog- The Wolverine

Hagan, Arnikarian and Sarah saw The Wolverine!

The Uncanny Valley Pt6: The Pointless Epilogue

The Unexpected FINAL part of The Uncanny Valley. I knew they’d finally get to a part that starred someone talentless!

Vlog- The Worlds End

Hagan and Arnikarian saw the latest film from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

The Uncanny Valley- Internet Dating and Me!

Man, everyones more talented than me. From MikeJ we have The Uncanny Valley: Internet Dating and Me! (I actually turn up in this one)

The Uncanny Valley: Dragged in!

Another day. Another person who’s more talented than me has made a movie for The Uncanny Valley: Dragged in!

The Uncanny Valley: The Reviewers!

From another person more talented than me its Uncanny Valley: The Reviewers!

You Probably Shouldn’t Cook This- Gifilte Fish Tacos

Me and Omega have made something else that we probably shouldn’t.