Torture Ship (Possession review)

The last of the new trio of possessions end with TORTURE SHIP- a tale of gangsters, torture and ‘zombies’ on a ship. Gorehagans is played by GoreHounds:

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Molly (Haganistan Cat 2)

People wanted to see more of her and in response she said ‘mew’.

Lesbian Talk: #126: 1/13th Irish

So we’re breaking down the new hit comedy ‘Derry Girls’, in-as-much-as one of us IS a Derry Girl, then all about Omegas County Delaware accent, plus just how Irish are YOU?

Lecher Teddy (Lyrics)

Just the lyrics to LECHER TEDDY from the Night Satan review, so you can sing along if you want.

Night Satan review:

LECHER TEDDY was doe by Vaults of Extoth and the lyrics were by ME.

Molly (Haganistan cat 1)

Meet Molly, Merry and Pippas mum. She needed a home at short notice and now lives with her kids.

Lesbian Talk Episode #125: Like and Subscribe and Lesbians

This episode we share our adventures in Amsterdam (the good, the bad, and the coffeehouse) and tackle the new(est) bit of YouTube drama. Would you like to subscribe and save Omegas channel? Thanks! ^_^

Flubs- Life Returns

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Life Returns review.

Backseat Critique- Blood Glacier

At a Patrons request we watched this Austrian version of The Thing set up on a BLOOD GLACIER!

Life Returns review (Possession review)

The new possessions continue with Hagan taking over Some Jerk with a Camera ( and reviewing LIFE RETURNS- family drama, obsession and dog resurrection!

Tomorrows Children review

A new trio of possession reviews begin, Hagan possesses both Sunny Jim and Starchabald from The Isle of Rangoon! (