Lesbian Talk Ep. #118: Harry Potter and the Deadpool Society

This week’s it’s all about Harry Potter to celebrate the 20th anniversary, and we bring up some burning questions we’ve always had about the Potterverse (after a short tangent on why I’d sue Stanley Kubrick).

Lesbian Talk Ep. #115: A Three-Hour Tour!

It’s all fan theories all the time! What was the state religion of Arendelle? Was everyone from every show really dead the whole time (and it was actually Purgatory)? Plus, why Hagan’s fan theories belong on iO9, and our slobbering praise of this week’s Doctor Who!

Lesbian Talk Ep. #114: Bartering Goats for Holographic Danishes

This week we discuss why I don’t want to be paid in livestock, the ‘ad-pocalypse’ and the long reach of the bitchslap of the hand of the free market, and this week’s episode of Doctor Who: Smile.

Lesbian Talk Ep. #113: Nitpicking The Doctor

Has it really been over a year? Doctor Who is back for Peter Capaldi’s last season and we wouldn’t be your favourite Time Lord lesbians if we (Hagan) weren’t going to nitpick! Also: Guardians of the Galaxy 2, all 17 of Marvel’s streaming series, and are YOU a Squirrel Girl poser?

Theme ‘Lesbian Amazon Bikers from Hell’ composed and performed by Harrie Mreijen for Lesbian Talk.

Doctor Who style bumper created by skzip888.

Lesbian Talk Ep. #110: Alt-War Adventures

So Hagan’s gone a-sniping in WWII, I complain about how no one remembers WWI, why children crying in toilets for a ‘babyccino’ deserve nothing, and why not bitch about DC and how they’re screwing up everything every day?

Happy week, everyone! We’re diving full swing into the PewDiePie controversy with our thoughts, the 1979 classic disaster film ‘City on Fire’, why I hate Disney 1960’s live-action comedies, and Hagan shares her birthday present: the Asian Horror Boxset!

Lesbian Talk Ep. #108: The Last Lesbians

Happy Burns Night, everyone! Got your haggis ready? This week we’re talking Scottish supremacy, bad poetry, dishing on our expectation for the Power Rangers movie (and my issues with Rita’s poor villain skills), plus our thoughts on the reveal for Star Wars: The Last Jedi!