Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode14 (Raptured in Thailand for Lying to Strangers)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! Its exclusive to Project Million Entertainment! We talk about… Lesbian stuff… Thailand and lying to strangers.

Commentary- Dead Shit review

Hagan and The Omega talk about the Dead Shit review.

Vlog- GI Joe Retaliation

Hagan and Arnikarian the Minion saw GI Joe Retaliation and proceeded to steal Brad and Friends shtik.

Hagan Cameos- Date Trap Anonymous (PME Sketch)

I turn up alongside some other funky people in Magic Steves latest video!

Lazer Ghosts 2 (Nanoviews)

A Nanoview is a short movie review that’s less character based and has less spoilers. Movies covered will USUALLY be ones I bought as possible full reviews but decided against. Lazer Ghosts 2 is owned by Astron-6.

Title Art by http://led-ninja.deviantart.com/

Twatty Who review- Doctor Loo and the Phaleks


Hagan unrestrained fannish Id is aimed at some of the worst episodes of Doctor Who. This time Doctor Loo and the Phaleks.

Special Review- Dead Shit: The Talisman of Tikinaya

Hagan returns to the movies of Kevin Strange. Dead Shit is the touching tale of stoners battling zombies.