ConBravo 2016: Cards Against Celebrities.

Conventon Hopper recorded the Cards Against Humanity game that I and Omega set up at ConBravo! Also featuring Brentalfloss, Dex the Swede and Leon Thomas!

Cameos- Quiplash from ConBravo.

Eventually this gonna be the 7 games of Quiplash recorded illicitly by Mikey Insanity at ConBravo!

A game of ‘Channel A’

Teddy bought a really fun game called ‘Channel A’, Omega brought it to Con Bravo and we introduced lots of people to it, luckily 1 of the games was recorded!

10 Films you might not have heard of (Akumakon 2015)

1 Hagan. 1 audience. 1 Hour. 10 movies (each varying degrees of obscure)

The movies: Actium Maximus, C Me Dance, Manborg, Monster Man, Repligator, Six String Samurai, Versus, Vikingdom, Wild Zero, ZsaZsa Zaturrnah.

*I first did one of these at BroCon in summer 2014. I think I’ll do one at most cons I can (switching the films up each time to keep it interesting)

MAGFest 2014 Movie Reviewing Panel

FilmBrain, Oancitizen, Leon Thomas, That Sci-Fi Guy, Hagan, Brad Jones and Nash are joined by Chez Apocalypses Rantasmo and The Escapists MovieBob to talk about movie reviewing.

A (MAGFest) audience reacts to Chirpy

At MAGFest Linkara, Nash, Rap Critic, Sci-Fi Guy, Lady Spaz, Sunny Jim, Gomer, Viga and more were forced to watch Chirpy. ALL OF IT.

(Highlights from) Hagans BroCon Panel

Here are some highlights from my QnA panel at BroCon.