Lets Try.. Cactus Juice and Vegemite!

Hagan and Omega found some interesting Polish drinks and that which Australia is most proud of- Vegemite.

Panel- Audience interactive Cards against Humanity (Brocon 2015)

At Brocon 2015 Hagan, Avatar of Decent Humour and The Unemployed Historian chose 3 audience members to battle them in MORTAL CAH-BAT!

Panels- 10 Films you probably haven’t heard of (Brocon 2015)

Hagan talked about obscure films at Brocon 2015. The films discussed are: C Me Dance, Clash of Empires, Mercury Man, Mystics in Bali, Repligator, Six String Samurai, Versus, Wild Zero Zsazsa Zaturrnah and Cockhammer!*


Podcast- Pilot Season: The Man in the High Castle


At Brocon I appeared in the podcast ‘Pilot Season’! We discussed The Man in the High Castle and I may have got Goebells mixed up with Georing.

Cameos- The Unemployed Historian goes to Brocon

The Umemployed Historians mini-doc about going to BroCon 2015! I was there too!

Lesbian Talk Episode #89: Event Horizon Opera

This week your pet lesbians go over Event Horizon with a fine toothed evil comb (Omega hadn’t seen it!) then take a seat in the nosebleed section to discuss Omega’s early life exposure to opera and bring some culture (or something like that), plus: Where can you see Diamanda Hagan in person this month? Find out!

Flubs- Vijayendra Varma review

A collection of Flubs, Bloopers, Alternate versions and Behind the Scenes footage from the Vijayendra Varma review.