Genesis 7 reviews: Episode 9 The Icy World of Uranus

Its the Christian, young-Earth Creationist version of Star Trek made for kids. Its as brilliant as you’d expect. Episode 9 The Icy World of Uranus.


Molly (Haganistan Cat 4) Featuring Merry

Forget Batman vs Superman, here’s MOLLY VS MERRY: DAWN OF PURRING!

Backseat Critique- Lost in Space (1998)

Long story short, I mentioned wanting to force Omega to watch this on an episode of our podcast Lesbian Talk and Gareth, a listener gave me a copy and asked for a Backseat Critique. Omega then regretting saying yes.

Cameos- Rangoon Riff #28: By Jupiter! (Part 1) Feat. Nash!

Rangoons, Nash and me (for about half a second!).

You Probably Shouldn’t Cook This- Hors d’oeuvre pie

Hagan and her wife Omega invent dishes that you probably shouldn’t recreate… Hors d’oeuvre pie anyone?

Flubs- Raising Heroes

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Raising Heroes review.

Raising Heroes review (with Gorehounds)

Another Alcon crossover, big guns and (probably) big dicks clash in this mid-90s gay action thriller!