Flubs- God of Vampires review

A collection of Flubs, bloopers and alternate takes from the God of Vampires review.

Hagan Cameos- Way Or No Way Dante’s Den review

I’m one of several who appear in Way or no Ways special Magfest episode.

Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode9 (Welcome to the Communist Library)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! Its exclusive to Project Million Entertainment! We talk about… Lesbian stuff… like communism… and libraries…

Special Review- God of Vampires

In the 2nd of 3 MAGFest crossovers Obscurus Lupa and Hagan watch God of Vampires.

Cameos- Smartys Psychonauts review

Smarty and Sean Fausz did a video about Psychonauts at Magfest. I turned up and made a nuisance of myself.

Other peoples stuff- Spoonys BroCon panel

I just found this. Spoonys copy of the panel was lost and I didn’t realise anyone else recorded it. So enjoy Spoonys panel from BroCon (if I remember correctly I yell out a couple times)

As for BroCon, here is their site. I should be attending this year again. If you are a fan and in Ireland I’d suggest you drop in (Its in Limerick)

Podcast: Want to co-host on Lesbian Talk?

A very talented friend of the show is trying to raise money for a project so we’re helping her out. Win the bidding and join Me and Omega (or just one of us if you prefer) for an episode of Lesbian Talk!

Check here! You have until Feb 27th!